This sweet gentle girl was found very scared and disoriented, constantly looking for someone on the same spot. She waited by a bus station for several days. We immediately assumed she was left by someone…
The abandonment in her eyes was so obvious, so we knew we must help her. We took her in, and nobody asked about her, nobody was looking for her.
In a few days she adapted nicely in the home kennel. From the first moment she knew how to walk on the leash, and she walks with your tempo and very patiently. Meeko likes people and dogs, cuddles and human attention. With her beautiful eyes she really can steal your heart.
Meeko decided to give people a second, and now she deserves one as well.
We are looking for a family and a home for her. She is a young girl, so long walks and dog park visits would be great for her.

When there is love, miracles happen

Teona - Daisy Family Rescue e.V.

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There are other ways of helping our dogs! Fostering increases their chances of finding their perfect match, whereas sponsoring allows us to never worry about how we will collect the necessary monthly funds for food, kennel, and medical bills.