Adrien is a true angel on four paws.

We found him together with Emma and Yoko in a quiet residential area and welcomed him into our family in June 2021. On the street he was happy about every person he saw and always radiated positivity, but was unfairly treated because of his size. Adrien is a calm male who is communicative towards people and dogs in a gentle and loving way. A peaceful and easy character who wants to please everyone. He is simply perfect, too good to be true.


Adrien conveys calmness, balance and positivity and did great on the leash from day 1. He loves to play and romp with other dogs, but independently recognizes the limits of each dog and adapts to them. Towards people he is also a dream dog. He approaches people very tenderly and is completely absorbed in petting, demanding it in such a loving and charming way that it does not seem intrusive at any moment. Adrian would be the perfect family dog and could be kept as a single as well as a second dog. He is more than ready to become a faithful companion of man and to fill the life of his very own human with love and joy. Walks in nature, varied and numerous, would suit his nature. Contact with other dogs should definitely be sought as much as possible to maintain his socialized nature.

When there is love, miracles happen

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