Aiko is a young boy who we found on the street and by his kind character and obedience we think he previously had owners. He is a quick learner and is already familiar with the leash and collar. Likes gets excited being surrounded by dogs as well as humans, loves all the attention he can get especially if you plan on giving him a belly rub.

Whenever you ride your car he doesn’t mind joining you. But don’t get too fooled by this sweet innocent face because once you leave your slipper unattended he will try and sneak up on you so he can get one and run. No worries you can always lure him with some tasty snacks.

When there is love, miracles happen

Teona - Daisy Family Rescue e.V.

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There are other ways of helping our dogs! Fostering increases their chances of finding their perfect match, whereas sponsoring allows us to never worry about how we will collect the necessary monthly funds for food, kennel, and medical bills.