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Do you wish to get active alongside us in saving stray dogs from the streets in Skopje and finding them loving homes in Germany?

Do you wish to dedicate some of your free time to developing our cause in multiple ways?

"Where there is love, miracles happen"

You won't find this quote anywhere on the net. Why? Well, it was forged within our row of activists for Daisy. As time passed by and as we experienced very sad, but also incredible events, these words started to form in our minds - they represent the morality of our experience in rescuing dogs.

Being a member

It means you’re actively taking part in our everyday work: Social Media post-making, Questionnaire reading, Home check meetings, Research, Organizing Transports and Events, Fundraising and Sensitizing work (Ideas & follow-through), Accountancy, Adoption & Fostering check-ups, and follow-ups, Administration, etc.

Thus, dedication, creativity, teamwork, willingness to help, and responsibility are the key elements.

The list of our daily concerns and tasks is long, which is why helping hands are always welcomed.

How can I be of help?

If you feel motivated in helping us, if you feel touched by our work and wish to increase your impact by supporting us actively via your personal skills or knowledge, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

No matter your field of expertise (Social Media, Marketing, Communication, Accountancy, Fundraising, Administration, Arts, Videomaking, etc.) come talk to us!


Once you’re ready and willing to become an active and permanent member of our organization, an annual membership contribution of 90€ and an official membership contract will be part of your integration. 

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