Certified according to §11 TierSchG

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According to German law, animal welfare organizations that wish to rescue, import, adopt and rehome dogs from abroad have to undergo specific training and a final exam, in order to be accredited the official “§11 Tierschutzgesetz” by the german veterinarian agency. This permission legitimates our work and certifies our authenticity and we are very proud to have received this very important accreditation in summer 2020.

Due to the constant supervision by the German authorities, we can therefore guarantee full transparency regarding our work: Compliance with legal regulations and our animals’ wellbeing. We answer to strict rules and give account to german veterinary agencies and tax officetraceability, responsibility, and seriousness are key elements. Given these rules and circumstances, our adopters, donors, and animals are truly in safe hands and we hope that this accreditation will reduce the barrier of fear and mistrust. We put many efforts into this organization and in rescuing our animals – we do it out of passion, love, determination, and hope. Hope, that one day, our work won’t be necessary anymore.

Additionally, we have applied and have been granted the non-profit status for our organization, which, financially speaking, allows us to offer tax deductions to our generous supporters. We truly hope this new feature will give people even more reason to support our work, especially since higher amounts are most profitable now (both for us and the donor).  Every donation is eligible for up to 33% of payback by the german tax office – please consult our “donate” page for more detailed information on this matter.

“Where there is love, miracles happen!”

Daisy Family Rescue