The Team in Detail


My life has always been filled with love and affection for the well-being of human and sentient beings. Because of my fraternal connection to the country, I have had the opportunity to see how mistreated stray dogs in Macedonia are since I was a little child. So, as the years went by, from small on, I was always bringing dogs home from my neighborhood; made sure there was a bowl of water and food in front of the house, so street animals would have constant access to the bare necessities.

This was simply all I could do as a child until I became a member of the Daisy Family. From this moment on, I have understood how much work there is behind every rescue case and every adoption process and I am more than grateful to see how much our hard work turned out to change every single dog’s life in the most positive way!

Along the journey, I adopted the most precious dog through our orga, which made me understand even more how important our work is. Seeing the happy faces of our adopted dogs in their lovely forever homes is what motivates me the most!