You dispose of three different ways to save strays along our side: Bank transfer, Paypal and Patreon.

Additionally, all of the above-mentioned possibilities are eligible to tax deduction. As for the time being, this opportunity only applies to German taxpayers.

For donations beneath 200€, you should keep your payment receipt as proof. 

As of donations above 200€, we will hand you over an official donation receipt if you ask us to. Please don’t forget to remind us on that behalf.

Please make sure you add this document to your annual tax declaration.

Monthly support

Patreon is our most important platform. It allows us to collect monthly, recurring donations, which is absolutely crucial for us. Given our expenses (5000€ a month), we absolutely rely on stable revenues to cover kennels, medical bills, and transport (foster dogs) for our fosterlings. 

Therefore, Patreon is a very easy way to ensure some financial stability. We have set up different sponsoring options, from which you can choose and which you can also cancel at any time. These options reach from 2€ a month to 25€ a month.

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Bank transfer

Daisy Family Rescue e.V.

IBAN: DE42 8306 5408 0004 2433 31