Fundraiser for ubav

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We are regularly organizing fundraisers since we often come across dogs who need special care and commitment. Additionally, we rarely dispose of a high enough recurrent revenue to cover all the expenses for upcoming foster dogs, unsponsored dogs, i.e. those who have spent such a long time in the kennel, our sick dogs, dogs who need to be neutered/spayed, and more. Our monthly bills are high and our debts are rising – we lack the financial means to meet our monthly expenses…

In this very special case, our fundraiser is entirely dedicated to Ubav, a 4,5 years old stray dog who’s in our care now. We collected Ubav on the streets in very bad shape, emaciated, and in pain. We immediately took him to the vets and in addition to a bad eye, which we’ll have to remove soon, Ubav was tested positive on Leishmaniasis. This disease is very vicious and dangerous, the treatment complex and expensive. In order to limit the side effects, we need to act quickly and take maximum precautions, especially since organ failure is one of our prior concerns…

Ubav is a very special boy, full of joy, love and definitely possesses a huge fighting spirit! He managed to survive the former kill shelter in Skopje, was hit by a car, and already lost half of his eyesight.

Help us construct his future! Help us save his life!

Link to the fundraiser: