In the spring of this year we found our Grumpy in a sad situation. The puppy was all alone on the streets of the capital and was desperately looking for security and shelter. He found this in the doghouse of a family dog in a private garden. The family was wondering why their own dog did not want to go into the dog house anymore and after some time they discovered Grumpy, who was only a few weeks old. 

We immediately took the little one into our care and brought him to a private home kennel, where he is now already accustomed to life in a house together with other dogs. He is very compatible with other dogs and loves human affection as well. 

Grumpy builds up a bond with “his” human very quickly and is completely absorbed in his company. 

Furthermore, he is a typical puppy who loves to romp and play, but has to recover his energy by sleeping a lot. 

Grown up he will reach a medium size. 

In August he can finally move into a family and will have an initial immunisation and be vaccinated against rabies and microchipped. 

When there is love, miracles happen

Teona - Daisy Family Rescue e.V.

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