Hannah was, as so many others in Macedonia, a stray dog. Surprisingly, she managed to survive quite some time on the streets, which is not very common since dangers are around every corner: cars, toxic baits and people in general.

Before we took her in, we were told, that she is taken care of by some people and even activists, who give her food and some medicine, but from what we saw, this care was not sufficient at all. Hannah was in a bad state and we could literally see, that her eyes were hurting her a lot, that she was infected with parasites and that her general state of health was not that of a healthy, energetic dog.

The decision was then quickly made: We take in this dog, will care for her, treat her and find her a wonderful family in a country, where the cultural standard includes dogs as family members.

It’s been only a short time since Hannah is with us, in the kennel, but she is already extremely grateful and happy. Take a look at her pictures and videos and you will see yourself.

Hannah greets every human, is so happy to live and is simply a gorgeous being: internally as well as externally. She is rolling all over the place, trying to soak in every piece of joy there can be for a dog on this earth. She adores to be petted and crawls up to humans in such a heartwarming and polite way….this dog is special, there really are no other words to describe her.

Hannah is good with other dogs too, she is capable of playing, but also knows to set boundaries to demanding dogs, who might annoy this mature lady a bit too much. She is communicating in a great way, she has absolutely no deficiency in terms of socialization or dog communication. She is a calm, balanced dog, affirmative and self-confident.

P.S. Hannah is currently still under treatment for parasites, but will surely soon be ready for adoption. If you wish to accelerate her healing process and give this extraordinary dog more reason to be happy, please support us: Donate

When there is love, miracles happen

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