Hulio is a 5-year-old boy who has had a really bad start in life. He was abandoned twice by two different families in Macedonia and has been with us for more than a year now. 

Hulio is a dog who needs experienced people, capable of understanding his priorities as well as dog communication. He is a good boy with humans but shows some possession around food and his ball which is why his family should be aware of this. Of course we would be more than delighted to see a family willing to invest some training into outbalancing his insecurities since we are convinced, that he is capable of overcoming any difficulty. If experienced people live with Hulio, he is without a doubt a dream dog and not overly complicated to handle since he is friendly, patient, lovable, and obedient. 

Everyday activities like walks in nature or dog parks would help him become a balanced dog, too.

Each time we come to the kennel, Hulio is waiting for us, impatiently. He want to interact with people, play with them, by fetching his ball and also enjoys petting sessions whilst proudly presenting his ball.
Hulio was abandoned by his first family in Skopje’s killshelter, where he would have been euthanized without our intervention. When we heard about his story, we decided to get him out of this hell and shortly after, Hulio found a new home in Macedonia, but this family was also not able or willing to take decent care of him, so they gave on him up too….

Since that moment, it’s been over a year now, Hulio spends his life in our kennel and it hurts us a lot to see how great this dog is and how good he would do in a decent family, because he is already – even in the kennel – behaving like a family dog. 

When there is love, miracles happen

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