Joan is an example of a true fighter.
We saved her from the streets after we saw a public call for help. She was so tiny and in devastated condition. Even though she was sick, she was so sweet and gentle as if she knew things will go only better from now on. We took her to a private home kennel and started treatment. She was so brave and grateful that she is now sleeping in a bed and in a warm and safe place.
First time after she was feeling better, when we took her for a walk and put the collar on her, she showed such happiness and joy that she was walking with us, and it seemed like she knew how to walk on the leash. Maybe she was someone’s pet and they let her go… This is so common in Macedonia.

Joan now is the sweetest girl. She loves people, attention and cuddles, and her tail would go wild if you speak to her in soft words. With her eyes she would swallow stars, galaxies and universes and all the love we give her. She is our special girl. Another thing she likes is playing with her friends in the home kennel. In the dog park she would go crazy from running and jumping around and chasing her friends. Her spirit and energy is so unique.
She deserves a home and a family that will love her, and see how beautiful, strong and amazing this girl is. Regular walks, playdates in a dog park, and loooong cuddles is what she needs.

When there is love, miracles happen

Teona - Daisy Family Rescue e.V.

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