Kevin arrived in Berlin in August 2020 and has been living in the capital since then.
Kevin is a really beautiful big boy who has recently become increasingly unhappy with the crowded streets of Berlin, so he is urgently looking for a home in a quiet, rural area.
He currently enjoys visiting parks and the dog runs, but wants his quiet time and space to relax. He is happiest in nature, such as near a body of water/lake where he can sit in peace and watch the sunset.  
For him, a large, quiet place that can offer him peace and stability in life would be perfect, because city life is not for him. He needs a strong and dedicated guide in life, so dog experience is necessary or a person who is willing to take over this role in his life and will work with a dog trainer.

He is a healthy boy, and we really want to see him happy, which we can only imagine somewhere in the country.
He is not suitable for a home with children. 
Kevin is proficient in leash walking and is house trained. He answers to his name and in a calm living environment is a balanced, gentle and sweet dog who loves varied walks in nature. When he meets people for the first time, he can be a bit shy and needs time to gain their confidence. He can also be a second dog, where both of the dogs would have big space for themselves and Kevin can have his private space.

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