Looking for fellow activists

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Can you imagine yourself doing the background work of the whole adoption process for our doggos? Maybe you feel inspired in writing texts for the dogs who are looking for a home in English and German? How about writing texts that will bring our organization closer to the audience? Spreading the word for adopting the elderly dogs? Advocating for the dogs with the lowest chances in adoption? Taking part in finding funds for our dogs, collecting donations?

If you believe you can help us, then please read the whole text and write us an email explaining a bit about yourself. We, as an organization are based in Skopje, Macedonia, Berlin, Sauerland, and Strasbourg. Our group is established only by female volunteers, but we are open to everyone who shares the same passion as us. We are doing everything by ourselves: finding the dogs on the streets in Skopje, collecting them, curing them, taking them to the vet, taking photos, posting, processing questionnaires, scheduling home checks, phone calls, writing emails, answering all the questions, maintaining social media and web site, working with the authorities in Berlin (Vet Amt and Finanzamt) finding possible transport companies, organizing trips, documentations, checking the dogs after they are adopted, etc.

It is from an essential meaning that our new members speak fluently English and minimum basic German or even better, fluent German.

This is why we need help. Our organization doesn’t have a facility in Berlin, so our dogs don’t need dog walkers. Our dogs need us to do everything that is happening in the background of what people see on Facebook and Instagram.

Everything we do, we do 100 % voluntarily. But, this is also really demanding. Rescuing dogs has no schedule, so something like 8-17h doesn’t apply for us. All of us have other professional jobs.
We kindly ask you to be aware of this before requesting to join.

Only together we can make huge change for our poor souls! 

We are really excited to hear from you!