Who We Are?

Our Experience

Some of us have been rescuing dogs and other animals for years, trying to change the world for the better; others have developed a deep understanding about the world of the living and thus changed their lifestyle and philosophy.

Our work at Daisy has driven all of us to develop new competencies and soft-skills. And no matter how hard things have been for us, we have always managed to figure things out as a team.


Our Core Values

Rescuing animals in need changes your perception of the world and sometimes even impacts your moral concepts and values, which is why all of us share and highly appreciate the following virtues:

Our Team

Get to know us

We started this journey as a group of friends and although our composition has changed over the years, we have always managed to keep a particularly strong team spirit.

Founder and President of Daisy e.V.

Certified according to §11 TierSchG

Original Founder of Daisy MK & Founder of Daisy e.V.

Original Founder and President of Daisy MK & Founder of Daisy e.V.

“Where there is love, miracles happen”

Founder of Daisy e.V.

Founder of Daisy e.V.

“One to change a few. A few to change many. Many to change the world. Starts with one”


Founder of Daisy e.V.