Mei is this tiny, cute and funny doggo.
We found her in the winter, on a snowy day, covered with wounds and when we called her, she immediately came to us, and was so excited to see people interested in her. Even though she was sick, she had energy and strength to try to get herself under our skin. Which was not so hard, we loved her from the first moment.
We took her in a private home kennel, and started treatment. She responded so well to it and all the wounds disappeared.

Mei is a dog full of energy and just loves to run and jump like a rabbit. She is so funny she always makes us laugh. Outside she enjoys playing with her friends dogs from the kennel. She likes to tease them ,jump around them and be chased by them. In the dog park she is a true star of digging holes, catching sticks and running around like crazy.
Mei is amazing with people, and would be great to be adopted with an active family, who will take her to long walks or running and of course to a dog park for some playdates.

When there is love, miracles happen

Teona - Daisy Family Rescue e.V.

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