The Team in Detail


I came to know Daisy Family Rescue when I adopted Phoenix and I remember feeling particularly inspired by these girls. Having had the luck to easily bond with them during Phoenix’s adoption process, I had only one wish in mind: Joining the team!

Daisy Family Rescue is the beginning of a tremendous change in my life: I met the dog of my life, I  made friends with wonderful young ladies and I have become an animal rights activist, advocating for any kind of abuse. 

This journey has literally tipped over my life in the most eye-opening and deepest of all ways and I couldn’t be more grateful for all the experiences I have been allowed to live thanks to our group of dedicated animal lovers.

Never in my life have I felt as empowered and engaged to truly take part in an important and yet commonly underrated social change: Raising moral consideration for all kinds and taking real actions in favor of their well-being. 

I am proud of what we’ve achieved, girls, and I hope we’ll be able to reach out even further one day!