How he came to us

We found this young boy in a devastating state and a horrible place: He was living on a dump…he was starving, had been abandoned, mistreated, and still has skin issues.

But this boy is special.


He is a really grateful pup, lovable and playful.
Ode is probably a mix of a Macedonian Shepherd and will grow into a big-sized dog.
Given the fact that he is young and is a mixed breed of a shepherd, he will need a lot of activity – dog park or walks in the forest would be perfect.
We took him to the vet for a checkup, we did all the tests. Luckily, he is negative on the 4D test, but he has Anemia and the blood results do not look good. He has Demodex and is under treatment. We hope to make him chubby, healthy and happy in no time.


We collected this boy on a dump, where he was left on the side of a highway… This is not something unusual in Macedonia. This is something we see almost every day in this country; babies are left in the middle of nowhere, left like garbage next to real garbage…

He had a collar, so we assume that he was left by his owner – very common in Macedonia, too…. And since one of Odé’s ears is cut off, we can only assume that his owner was one of the terrible kinds, too. Yes, you’re reading that right: Odé has one ear cut off.

We assume this pure act of cruelty was meant to shape Odé’s character, and we truly hope he will not have any trauma from that. But one thing is already more than sure: His previous owner failed badly since Odé is just the sweetest boy ever!

We assume that Odé will grow big and unfortunately, in Macedonia this only means one thing: he will be great for dog fights! This is why we rushed to collect him because we know exactly where he could end up. This lovely boy was actually super happy to come to us and to go to the kennel. He knows we mean well and he trusted us right away! 

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