Orange was one of the last remaining of the former dog gang that ruled Skopje’s train station. Many of his former friends are already living happy and relaxed lives in Germany, while Orange is still waiting for his luck.
At first glance, Orange makes a very reserved appearance, but warms up incredibly quickly in the company of a new human, so he soon follows them around wagging his tail at every turn. He is introverted and enjoys having a safe retreat. He needs a little time to understand that the new person facing him wants to do him good, but has the potential to be a good dog.

With love and care he has the potential to thaw out and win over people’s hearts in no time.
Orange will become a true champion and faithful companion with the right person, who will go through thick and thin with his human.
Orange is good with other dogs, has so far been subordinate and likes to let the other dogs take the spotlight. He has a very friendly and gentle character.
Orange will particularly enjoy walks in nature and would live a carefree and relaxed life in a quiet outskirts of a city or even in the countryside.
He could be kept as a single dog as well as a second dog.

When there is love, miracles happen

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