The Team in Detail


What started as the most spontaneous decision has now turned out to be the mission of my life. That spontaneous decision was to adopt Daphne aka Daisy, the first rescue dog from the organization. And my mission since then is to help other unfortunate souls, exactly as Daisy needed it when she was found by the original members of the Daisy Family. After adopting my second dog Paris, I knew that I needed to become a bigger part of the story of Daisy Family.

Growing up in a country where the suffering of the many unwanted dogs and cats on the streets is a daily picture and moving to a country where they are taken care of as part of a family, directed the way I was going to dedicate my free time. After living in an inspiring city for some time, I decided that even if it was extremely difficult I need to help as many other “Daisies” from the streets in Macedonia. Fortunately, finding the right girls who share the same passion was the defining moment that we want and can build a German Non-Profit Organization, which will work only to help the helpless animals from Macedonia. 

My biggest affection and devotion goes towards the elderly and sick dogs. Despite my mission to remove all the dogs from the streets, I mostly dedicate my time to finding homes for those who have the lowest chances of adoption. Advocating, fostering, and educating is the way I tend to show the world that an older or a sick dog can have a wonderful life with the right family.

Being part of such a wonderful, female lead organization is an inspiration to always keep working, saving, and facing challenges together. Only together as a family we can help and save many that only have us. 

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