Riri became a member of our family in June 2021. 
Only recently we found her on a garbage dump, which according to the people of the surrounding streets she had made it her home already for some time. 
There she had already gone through unwanted pregnancies and lost numerous puppies. She should not continue this life, but finally discover the great sides of life and hopefully soon be relaxed and happy at the side of her human.

Riri is a calm, medium-sized dog, who has a very good relationship with other dogs. She has a very attentive nature, always examining her surroundings and assessing them independently. She moves very freely and openly, likes to explore her surroundings thoroughly before engaging in playfulness and petting.
She has a gentle and great demeanor and maintains a very good behavior with other dogs.
She is open-minded towards people, observes them closely at first and gets involved with them within a few minutes.

When there is love, miracles happen

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