Sara is estimated to be just under three years old and is a mixed breed of a Shepherd.

She measures a shoulder height of 60cm and weighs about 29 kg. 

Sara is an active dog who loves to play with other dogs. She is very socialized and maintains a good relationship with people and dogs. 

What she loves the most is to get attention from humans, accepts every petting with joy and without hesitation and enjoys it as long as she can. 

She needs a moderately active family who can provide her with the perfect balance of sufficient walks in nature as well as cuddling sessions. Sara could also be happy as a second dog. 

Of course, we do love all our dogs and we always wish only for the best possible family for all of them. And of course, some dogs, although absolutely gorgeous in character, have a hard times finding their family, because they are being overlooked.

Please, please do not make this mistake for Sara. She is an absolute sweetheart that loves to be petted and also have fun with other dogs. She is very interactive with people, always looks you in the eyes and tries to communicate with you. If there were to be one favorite activity to name for this dog, it would definitely be to spend time with (her) humans.

Sara is sending you, who is reading this text, warm thoughts and hopes, that you might consider her becoming your best friend for life.

When there is love, miracles happen

Teona - Daisy Family Rescue e.V.

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