This is Ubav, meaning beautiful in Macedonian.

His name just says it all. He has such an amazing soul and such a will and thirst for life; it is absolutely amazing to see this dog’s reactions and general behavior about most simple things! 

Ubav has been through a lot! He was left by someone or maybe he was born on the streets; we don’t know. What we do know, is that he never managed to live a good life on the streets, as some dogs do. Some years back, he was caught by the kill shelter Vardarishte in Skopje, but luckily, they let him go. He then found four-legged friend on the streets, as well as a human friend, a homeless person, whom both of them followed everywhere since they felt this person was their family….

When we got a call about Ubav, the situation was urgent: He had been hit by a car and we found him sleeping under a bridge next to the improvised house of his homeless friend, who agreed on us taking Ubav into our care. Since that day, it’s been several months now, Ubav has been part of our family and we are certain, that he will find his true family in the near future.

The day we took Ubav in, we immediately rushed to the vet in order to understand what needed to be done so he would feel better. Our handsome fella had not only been hit from a car, he also had a bad eye and his blood results showed a positive parasitic infection. Luckily, Ubav did not suffer any after-effects from the hit and run and also manages his new life with one eye perfectly well. 

In fact, Ubav is so full of life, happiness, love and gratitude, that even we, as rescuers, are more than amazed by this dog. His attitude towards people is absolutely stunning: He loves to interact with people, and immediately throws himself on the ground in order to receive his beloved belly rubs. And because of his limitless joy, he is unable to actually stand still during these moments of love, he absolutely wants to play with you at the same time by stretching his arms and legs in your direction! 

This dog really trusts people, is crazy about interacting with them and is also easy going with others dogs. We believe, he has always dreamt of having a family and given all the bad luck he had in life, he deserves all the love he can get! For us, all dogs are beautiful and special, but Ubav has a star that shines particularly brightly. Once you meet him, you will truly understand our words.

When there is love, miracles happen

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