Yoko was heartlessly abandoned last winter with her siblings, each in different parts of a neighborhood. Three of them we could find already in winter at the age of only a few weeks, so they are already living cheerfully in loving families in Germany. Yoko and her sister Emma, however, we could not find in winter, although we suspected that there must be more of them and searched for them for weeks. A few months ago we finally found them, immediately took them off the streets and started preparing them for the next trip into a better life. Yoko and Emma have developed adorably within the past few months. While Emma has already found a loving family and is expected by her family in Germany in just a few weeks, Yoko is the last litter member who has not yet been lucky enough to find a loving family to give her the warm home she has longed for.

Yoko was born around the fall of 2020 and is consequently a young dog who is eager to learn and takes great pleasure in playing with other dogs. She maintains a very good, social interaction with other dogs. Towards people she is a bit reserved in the beginning, but thaws out after a short time and becomes a loyal companion to her human. Overall, Yoko has a calm, even-tempered character and likes cuddles from her human. She loves to explore new areas and to let them take effect on her. She would especially enjoy walks in nature, while regular visits to dog parks will bring her joy and benefit her already existing good social behavior. She is already comfortable with a leash and has proven to be a quick learner at the shelter.

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