Yuki became a member of our family in June 2021.
We found her together with some other four-legged friends on a garbage dump, which she had inhabited for some time. She was always very happy about human visitors and welcomed them wagging her tail, hoping to be allowed to go home with them. She should now finally get the opportunity for a long-awaited home and become all the happiness of a human, as all humans have been for her so far. She has so much love to share.

Yuki is a bright, medium sized dog who is very good with other dogs. She loves to explore new environments, loves to play for her life, but equally takes advantage of every opportunity to be petted and pampered extensively by humans.
She plays with other dogs as well as people and would make an exceptionally good faithful companion for an adventurous person.
He would be happy as a single as well as a second dog.

When there is love, miracles happen

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