Physical characteristics

Yul is about XY years old (we’re still waiting on our vet for a liable estimate). He measures a shoulder height of 63cm and weighs about 25 kg.


Yul is a well-balanced male who has a good relationship with other dogs. He is outgoing towards people and independently seeks out their attention after a few minutes. He is an active dog who would prefer a quiet area close to nature.

He needs a moderately active family who can provide him with the nature walks and petting he needs as well as his quiet time. Yul could also be happy as a second dog.


We found Yul on the street at the beginning of the year in a frightening condition; He had his head bashed in with a dull object and was standing frozen on the middle of the road, to the displeasure of many drivers. We stopped and immediately took care of him.

Although his wound has already healed wonderfully, he was diagnosed with heart worm. Therapy was started immediately and is still ongoing.

Our monthly expenses are high, even when a dog is healthy, not to mention when surgeries and longer treatments are needed. If you wish to help us and Yul, please donate.

Foster or Sponsor Yul

There are other ways of helping our dogs! Fostering increases their chances of finding their perfect match, whereas sponsoring allows us to never worry about how we will collect the necessary monthly funds for food, kennel, and medical bills. 

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