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Certified according to §11 TierSchG

According to German law, animal welfare organizations that wish to rescue, import, adopt and rehome dogs from abroad have to undergo specific training and a final exam, in order to be accredited the official “§11 Tierschutzgesetz” by the german veterinarian agency. This permission legitimates our work and certifies our authenticity and

Interview by “Zauberhaftes Sauerland”

We are incredibly thankful for this unbelievable opportunity, which was given to us by the wonderful author and editor of the blog “Zauberhaftes Sauerland”. Thank you so much, dear Stefanie! Interviews like these allow us to reach out to more people and increase our reach. In both cases, we feel

Fundraiser for ubav

We are regularly organizing fundraisers since we often come across dogs who need special care and commitment. Additionally, we rarely dispose of a high enough recurrent revenue to cover all the expenses for upcoming foster dogs, unsponsored dogs, i.e. those who have spent such a long time in the kennel,

Looking for fellow activists

Can you imagine yourself doing the background work of the whole adoption process for our doggos? Maybe you feel inspired in writing texts for the dogs who are looking for a home in English and German? How about writing texts that will bring our organization closer to the audience? Spreading

The meaning of the year 2020

Looking back at how this year started and how it ended, many people would say that this is probably the hardest year that we have ever faced. Not so far away from the actual truth is what we as Daisy are feeling. But now we want to focus on how amazing