This is our Frida – do you know what her name stands for?

It comes from old German and means peace. And peace is exactly what our Frida needs: the certainty and inner peace of mind of finally having found a family that loves her, offers her a wonderful life and in which she will always feel cared for and safe.

Frida is a truly fabulous dog: she is absolutely wonderful and extremely people-oriented. She loves interaction and shows puppy-like behaviour as soon as she is granted interaction. She always remains incredibly friendly and calm in her joy and affection for humans, yet goes into the interaction with such fervour and devotion that tears literally spring to your eyes with happiness. We have never had a dog in our ranks that craved that much for love, showed this much affection and sympathy for people like Frida. She is the absolute family dog who adores her humans and always behaves gracefully and nobly toward them.

Frida is obedient, walks great on a lead, listens to her name and is a calm dog – once in her final family she may of course become a sporty lady but for now it seems she has a very normal energy level. Our lady doesn’t get on with all dogs, so it would be beneficial for her to find a dog-savvy family who can give her a clear social structure and also knows (or at least is willing to learn) how to be a pack leader to her, so Frida can relax and won’t have to worry about protecting her family. She needs a guiding, affirmative and confident owner.

Our Frida has already experienced numerous bad things in her life as a dog – horrors we would have wished to spared her from. We found her two years ago in Skopje on a dump, located right next to the former kill shelter Vardarishte. She was famished – we could count every rib under her thin skin – and yet she was trying to be a good mother to her newborn puppies. She hid the pups under a miserable scrub – the blazing sun shone on the scrawny ground and through the sparse leaves of her shelter for several hours a day. And yet, there was no shelter from Skopje’s hot temperatures….

Frida allowed us to inspect the babies and we decided to take them all in. The family’s healing process was long and marked by numerous setbacks: Frida’s entire offspring died – one puppy after the other and this despite intensive veterinary care. The pups were too weak and suffered from severe neurological damage; the sight and memory of them still pains us deeply today….

Frida was severely malnourished and suffered from heartworm – a Mediterranean disease, which we managed to keep under control after successful treatment and from which she does not suffer any consequences today; Frida was finally healthy. Our lady slowly became stronger day by day – the energy and will to live gradually returned to her heart and soul.

If you think Frida should have a place in your heart and family, please fill out our questionnaire. She SO VERY much deserves to finally live a dignified life.

Otherwise, you are welcome to apply as a foster home for Frida or help us with covering her accommodation and daily care with food and regular vet check-ups. You can find more detailed information on how to donate via our “Donate” page.

We wish you all the luck in the world Frida and that soon, you’ll find your forever family!

When there is love, miracles happen

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